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Takayuki "Tan" Arai

Photographer, Eclipe evangelist.

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in1983.

In Vancouver, Canada.
I held my camera to take a picture of the building "STUDENT HOUSING".
I heard a skater slipping from the left.
The moment the skater crossed in front of "STUDENT HOUSING" I released the shutter.
A pleasant sensation I had never felt before was transmitted from my fingers to my whole body like a lightning.

With this one photo as a trigger, I became a photographer.

In 2009, I have been taking pictures of the total solar eclipse since my first experience of the total solar eclipse on Yakushima. I'm also studying how the total solar eclipse affects humans through interviews with people who have experienced a total solar eclipse.




荒井 隆之


1983年 神奈川県生まれ。


“STUDENT HOUSING”と書かれた建物を撮ろうとカメラを構えた。
そのスケーターが”STUDENT HOUSING”の前を横切る瞬間、僕はシャッターを切った。




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